Car MIG 200A

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May 6, 2019
Inverter Spot Welder
May 6, 2019

Car MIG 200A


Ideal for welding thin metal sheets, it has been designed to fix cars at a minimum current of 15 A.  The SMART interface facilitates settings, for considerable time saving.

 Intuitive use 

The CARMIG simplifies both wire speed and voltage settings.Thanks to the SMART chart, find the right settings based on metal thickness and wire type.Then, depending on the charts’ recommendations, simply select :
• Voltage (7 positions knob )
• Wire speeder by setting the potentiometer on the indicated color zone and adjust if needed.

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Professional level specification

Welding :• Steel / stainless / CuSi3 / CuAl8 wire from Ø 0.6 to 1.0 mm.• Alu wire (AlMg5) of Ø 0.8 mm. 400 V three phase power supply. EURO Torch 150 A – 3 m. Wire feeder motor 2 rollers of
40 W.Takes 5 and 15kg wire reels (200 and 300 m).  Supports gas bottles up to 10 m³. Compatible with an electrical generator (5 kVA). Mobile thanks to its 4 wheels including 2 pivoting wheels.


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