MIG Synergic

Panel Repair System ( Advanced )
May 6, 2019
Car MIG 200A
May 6, 2019

MIG Synergic


MIG SYNERGIC is a three phase MIG-MAG, with torch connector, recommended for welding steel, stainless steel, aluminium and for MIG brazing of high-tensile strength steels with CuSi and uAl
wires (ideal for car body repairs).


Upgradeable – It can be fi tted wiht a Spool Gun torch. This motorised ‘torch is suitable for ø100mm wire reels of aluminium, stainless steel, copper and steelin ø0.8mm. Ideal for soft wire such as the AlSi5 or AlSi12 (recommended for car body repairs) Ease of use : adjusting the wire speed on the Spool Gun torch directly.

Spool Gun connector

The Spool Gun torch is ideal for car body repairs of aluminium, AlSi5 and ALSi12.

Saving welding parameters

Memory save feature for each torch and activation of the ‘lastused’ welding parameters (wirediameter, wire type & mode).

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