Plastic Repair Kit ( Hot Stapler )

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May 21, 2019
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May 21, 2019

Plastic Repair Kit ( Hot Stapler )


The Hot Stapler for bumber repair is  system for all types of plastics using heated metallic staples.  It allows quick repair of bumpers, spoilers, dashboards, headlights

Working Principle

  • A staple, positioned on a stapler holder, heats up under the effect of a current which flows through it.
  • The heated staple penetrates easily inside the plastic to be repaired.  It then becomes a resistant structure on the welded area.
  • Staples of different shapes and diameters allow repair in all configurations : flat areas, corners, thicker plastics


  • Quick and efficient repair methid.
  • Repair instead of replacing.
  • Quickly repairs cracks on bumpers.
  • Reinforces the repair of plastic tabs
  • Delivered with 100 staples.


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