Wheel Balancer ( Digital )

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May 21, 2019
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May 21, 2019

Wheel Balancer ( Digital )



He balancer has DYN/STA and different ALU balancing programs, this balancer also has motorcycle balancing program. The machine allows user to customize settings, for example, switch in/off protective cover, display accurate imbalance, etc., Customer can input distance/diameter/width by clockwise/anticlockwise wheel rotation the calibration is easy to proceed. the machine can quickly get back its precision the machines can be optionally equipped with motorcycle adaptor high quality weight tray cover can be used for a long period of time the IMD display Panel is resistant to scratch and erosion, it has long service time the buttons will not be broken in 500.00 times. The panel will not get peeled or bulged.

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Technical Specifications

  • Max. Wheel Diameter – 1118mm
  • Rrim Width –  1.5”  – 20
  • Rim diameter – 10 – 24
  • RPM – 200rpm
  • Power Supply Voltage – 100 – 230V 1ph
  • Power –  0.25kw
  • One Balance Time – 10s
  • Balancing Precision – +-1g
  • Max.wheel weight – 65kg
  • Second Time Centering Precision – <= 5g
  • Packing dimension _ 930*710*1160mm


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